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  1. johnny huang

    I came across aquaponic because i want to have a cool career since i been layoff. I wanted to have a farm and sell product to local plus food is a good business because we all need it. since i read the article that Dr. Martin Schreibman i became really interested in this form of farming. I would like to learn more but in nyc there almost nothing of sort like class or workshop. I really enjoy what you are doing with all the video teaching posted in youtube. I cant wait to maybe try to build one in my basement. thanks

  2. JOhnny

    Sorry to bother you again and thanks for that information that you gave me. I want to experiment with the aquaponic too. Some what i am looking for some food for tilapia but i cant find any store in the NYC area that carry them from internet. i was wondering is you can tell me a store. IF you can thank you in advance.

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